Candles and Prayers


When it comes to spiritual work, either you're a "candle person", or you're not.
I happen to LOVE candles and I know a few workers that really manifest via candle work or some
say candle magic!

Here are a few basic tips for using candles, however I always suggest feeling the vibe and getting
into your work without too much thinking "am I doing this correctly".

1.) Always have an intention in mind before lighting your candle.
2.) Your intention is "dressing" the candle making your work more potent.
3.) Intention w/prayer is best; ask your spirit guides to join you on your manifestation journey.
4.) Writing down what you would like to manifest and then placing it under your candle can be potent and boost up your work. After your candle has burned out, burning your letter is symbolic of sending out your message to the atmosphere so that your desires are "heard".
5.) Always be safe with your candles and use your better judgment in regards to keeping them lit
until they burn out completely (7 day candles). When your flame is "on", this means that your work is alive. When you blow the candles out, this could have an effect on your psyche and limit your passion behind your work.
*Remember, you always have options if you are afraid or have challenges with 7 day candles.
A tea light can be used and burns out within a few hours.
6.) If the rim of your candles turns black, by all means, let it burn out all the way, and then either consult and spiritualist, or burn that same candle again until it burns clear.
For an example, if you are burring a REVERSE or PROTECTION candle, and they burn black, this means that YES indeed you needed to burn them, however the energy you are attempting to clear may still be lingering.
Consultation and re burning is necessary.
7.) If your flame flickers a bit, you are live for sure and your guides may be with you.
8.) If your flame burns low or goes out, focus more on your prayers and intentions and your flame will rise and or relight it.
9.) Always place candles away from vents so that you can meditate or read the motion of your flame accurately.
10.) If someone in your home blows out your flame or it continuously goes out on its own, you may want to spiritual cleans your home. Cleansing is a form of setting boundaries.
11.) Prayers and positive mantras during this time is very important. Your focus and where your mind drifts off to can definitely enhance or deflate your work. Stay focused the days your candles are burning. 
I hope this has been helpful!