Day of the Dead


As a spiritualist and Intuitive, it has been an honor to serve many clients
and those who have transitioned out of the flesh. 
Many of our ancestors and spiritual guides who have "moved on" visits us with good information and assistance when we need it the most.
I will be forever grateful and transformed from the vast wisdom and knowledge that comes
through a prayer and open channel. 
For those who have felt alone or abandoned, these are natural feelings, and yet, we can not exist
here on the planet without the assistance of our spiritual family-our heavenly family.
Let us celebrate our lives everyday by carrying out the work of our ancestors.
How is this done you ask? Simply be your authentic self.
Many thanks to all who have been with me on this journey and to those I will meet in the future.
May your ancestors and guides continue to bless, protect and guide you.
May everyday be sweet like honey.
As always, I look forward to serving you!


Damaris Starr